Assignment #2
Three lessons that integrate technology

Lesson 1
Grade Level: Kindergarten- 2nd Grade
Subject: Math
Title: Addition with Fingers
Technology Integration: Online math addition

This is a great website to help students who are either beginning to use addition or may be struggling with it. It shows students how to use their fingers to help them solve a problem. This website is a nice alternative to using manipulatives or pencil and paper.

Lesson 2
Grade Level: Kindergarten-2nd Grade
Subject: Social Studies
Title: Community Club
Technology Integration: Website about community helpers

Students can go on this website to learn all about community helpers. They have to click on a community member and the community member tells about his or her job. Students can also read some of the words as they are being said. The pictures are real and vivid. At the end of each community member's story, there is a short quiz about each profession and a fun activity to complete.

Lesson 3
Grade Level: Kindergarten
Subject: Phonemic Awareness
Title: Fuzzy Lion Ears
Technology Integration: Website for identifying beginning and ending sounds

This PBS kids website helps students to find the beginning or ending sounds of words. Children need to listen closely to the character to identify the given sound. It mixes up beginning and ending sounds so that students need to pay close attention to what the lion is looking for.

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Assignment #6
3 Favorite Websites
Dr. Jean is one of my students' favorite singers; we sing her songs daily. This website provides lyrics for all of her songs as well as allows you to purchase her CDs. It also has great literacy lessons and activities for kindergarteners. The lessons are fun and are geared toward kindergarteners, so they do not need to be modified. Dr. Jean's website also provides a lot of additional resources if you are unable to find what you are looking for on her website.
This website is so wonderful for kindergarten teachers. It gives great tips on how to understand kindergarteners and how they learn. There are lesson plans for a variety of subjects including reading, math, science, and social studies. It also gives great ideas for kindergarten thematic units and provides additional links to other kindergarten websites.
I have to keep up with my celebrity gossip! This website is People Magazine's website and provides the latest celebrity dish. There are lots of pictures, gossip, quizzes, and fun games to play.

Assignment #8
Favorite online educational game is a wonderful website for literacy. There are activities for a variety of reading levels including identifying and listening to letter sounds, phonics games, reading stories, and doing comprehension activities. There are also a variety of activities for every season and holiday.

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